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New Business Item (NBI) 2010-44 Report: A Strategy Guide to Build Public Support for Ethnic Studies Programs

NEA believes the promise of public education is to prepare every student to succeed in a diverse and interdependent world, regardless of ethnicity or socioeconomic background. Many school systems help fulfill this promise by offering ethnic studies programs aimed at providing a rich dialogue in which students can expand their cultural knowledge, a self-affirming learning experience shown to promote student achievement. 

In the wake of Arizona House Bill 2281, which would effectively eliminate Mexican-American Studies in Arizona public schools, NEA has developed a strategy guide to assist school districts in creating and implementing quality ethnic-studies programs that further cross-cultural understanding and student success.

The best practices in this guide are based on research, sound principles, and lessons learned from a school district thrust into a national debate over its ethnic studies classes. A cross-section of community stakeholders—educators, legislators, activists, and school board members—have identified nine core strategies for building the public support essential to sustaining a purposeful and well-intentioned ethnic studies program.

Read the full NEA Human and Civil Rights report on NBI 2010-44: A Strategy Guide to Build Public Support for Ethnic Studies Programs.