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NEA Scholarships to 2011 HBCU/POD Higher Ed Conference

The NEA Office of Higher Education and NEA Minority Community Outreach Department are pleased to announce they will be providing FIVE FULL SCHOLARSHIPS to this year's joint conference of the Professional and Organizational Development Network (POD) and the Historically Black Colleges and Universities Faculty Development Network (HBCUFDN).

The conference is October 26-30  in Atlanta and is a collaborative effort between POD and HBCUFDN, partners who are committed to diversity and recognizing the role it holds in developing faculty, professionals, and organizations. The conference theme is Create • Collaborate • Engage — with the focus being on creating innovative collaboration across the higher education community.

NEA is committed to providing meaningful professional development opportunities for its members and is excited about its collaboration with POD and HBCUFDN.

1. Eligibility: To qualify, applicants must be dues-paying members of the NEA.

2. Deadlines and other information:

All proposals must be submitted in one complete package by August 15, 2011. Late submissions will not be accepted for review. Applications can be submitted in two ways. Click here to submit your application online or open the PDF in the right-hand corner of this page, type in your responses, save them and email it to You will receive a confirmation from our office once your proposal is received.

After the committee members have separately rated the proposals, the committee will meet to rank the proposals as a group. Decisions will be made by August 30, 2011 and scholarship recipients will be e-mailed to be notified of the committee’s decision no later than September 9, 2011.

Travel grants will be distributed per NEA travel guidelines. All receipts must be kept and submitted for reimbursement. Airfare, hotel arrangements, travel reimbursement, conference registration and meals will be provided as a part of this travel grant.

3. The Application:

Name _____________________________________

Campus ___________________________________

Position ____________________________________

Email address ________________________________

Telephone __________________________________

Are you an NEA member? ______________________

How long have you been a member? _______________

a.      In 300 words or less, please give us a short biography of yourself, your work, and why you want to attend this conference.  

b.       The following questions can be found on the conference website and represent questions that are being posed for reconsideration, thought, and dialogue.

·         How can we rethink our organizational structures so we work smarter in tough economic times, meet the needs of a rapidly changing student body, and keep our faculty colleagues up to speed — all without sacrificing those aspects of the academy we hold most dear?

·         How do we create, assess, and disseminate world-class faculty and organizational development programs?

·         How can we foster collaboration at nationwide level, as well as in our own departments and across professional organizations?

·         How do we best teach, develop, and support the next generation of faculty and faculty developers?

·         How can we help faculty members engage their students and institutions, and , maybe more importantly, how do we engage with the myriad stakeholders who influence and affect the work we do, including students, faculty, administrators, policy makers, and the general public?

Please choose two of the five questions above and respond with insightful and fresh perspective. Each response should be 200 words or less in length.

c.       Please answer both of questions in 300 words or less: How will you use this experience in the work of your union/local association chapter? And, how do you see this experience affecting your professional work as a member in your higher education institution to promote diversity, minority partnerships and collaboration?



HBCU/POD Higher Ed Conference Scholarship Application (pdf, 9pp, 140kb)