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Leadership & Contacts

Kimberly Anderson
Organizational Specialist
NEA Student Program
(202 )822-7163

Evette Brown
Program/Policy Specialisyt/Analyst
NEA Center for Organizing

Rita Hacker
Organizational Specialist
NEA Student Program
(202) 805-9509

Chelsey Jo Herrig
Chair, NEA Advisory Committte of Student Members
NEA Center for Organizing
(202) 822-7915













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Student Program Chapter Web Sites

Advisory Committee of Student Members (2014-2015)

Dillon Beard

Albert Delaere

Silas Henton

Maggie Huttlinger

Kimberly Lindeman Kenny

Marisa Manocchio

Emily Oaks

Alexis Ploss
(New Hampshire)

Tiffany Warrior

























NEA Board of Directors - Student Representatives

Maggie Huttlinger (2014-15)

Kimberley Lindeman Kenny (2014-15)

Stephanie Terezon (2014-15)

Resolutions Committee

Jennifer Jaroch (2014-15)

Jess Sanchez (2014-15)

Brittany White


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