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NEA President Dennis Van Roekel: shared sacrifice is the right call

President Obama’s deficit reduction plan would put country on road to economic recovery

WASHINGTON - September 19, 2011 -

President Barack Obama today released his much-awaited deficit reduction plan, which includes a combination of targeted spending cuts and tax increases. A key component of the proposal is the “Buffett Rule” calling on millionaires to pay their fair share in taxes. The plan comes on the heels of the president’s proposal, the American Jobs Act, which would get more Americans working again by modernizing the nation’s aging schools and putting teachers and support staff back to work.

“President Obama’s plan is welcome news for millions of families struggling around the country,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel. “As Congress and the Obama administration tackle the deficit, we hope they will keep the safety net to protect millions of vulnerable families, including the one third of America’s children who get their health coverage through Medicaid.”
“The president is making the tough choices to get our nation’s fiscal house in order,” noted Van Roekel. “We welcome his timely call for shared sacrifice, especially among the wealthiest Americans. We applaud his effort to ensure that working families aren’t taking the brunt of our country’s economic crisis.”

“The president’s debt reduction plan creates the right framework for long-term economic growth,” said Van Roekel. His bold American Jobs Act would put hundreds of thousands of educators back in schools and classrooms instead of on the unemployment line. Most importantly, his economic vision will help kids and families in poverty, put people back to work, and put the country on the road to economic prosperity again.”

 “Now more than ever, we need politicians to work together to strike the right balance and demand shared sacrifice from all of us. Not doing anything about the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression is not an option,” concluded Van Roekel.

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