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Global Network for Teaching Quality and Effectiveness

The process of identifying, developing and retaining highly qualified teachers to support student learning, especially the learning needs of the most disadvantaged children, is a global challenge. 

  • In North America and parts of Europe, the status of the teaching profession is on a steady decline, and only a small number of high-performing college students are attracted into the teaching career due to the availability of other career options with more attractive pay and working conditions.
  • Sub Saharan Africa experiences acute teacher shortages due to the impact of HIV/AIDS and restrictive budgetary conditions imposed by foreign development agencies.
  • With the expansion of free public education in Latin America and the Caribbean, school enrollments have skyrocketed, creating overcrowded classrooms with abysmal learning and teaching environments.
  • In parts of the Asia Pacific region, there are urgent calls to reform teacher education and preparation programs as nations strive to position themselves to compete in the global economy.

A Response to the Need

The National Education Association, Education International (EI), and other international organizations are working to build a global network that brings together education and public policy leaders to facilitate communication across national boundaries on policies and program initiatives to improve teaching quality.

A consultative meeting to map the way forward was held in March 2011 in New York City following the International Summit on the Teaching Profession. This meeting was attended by 34 participants representing various organizations, sectors and regions of the world.

The participants agreed that the Global Network should focus on the entire teaching continuum including recruitment, preparation and development, professional learning, evaluation and compensation, in addition to the contexts in which teachers work in order to improve the quality of education systems.

Global Network Operations

Three working groups were formed to address various policies related to teaching quality:

  1. Teacher Preparation, Recruitment and Engagement
  2. Professional Development, Support and Retention
  3. Teacher Evaluation and Compensation

The Global Network will identify and share perspectives on current research, practices, and policy initiatives that can address these three topics on an international scale.

It will also provide opportunities for researchers to share insights on the theories and current bodies of research that support education practices and policies related to quality education, and to provide perspectives on current trends in education policies and practices from across the globe that impact teaching quality.

For more information, please read the Global Network for Teaching Quality and Effectiveness concept paper (PDF).


Statement on International Education Week 2013 by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan