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Leading Change


Taking the Lead.

Years ago I had the opportunity to take a class from Dr. Ronald A. Heifetz, noted for his work on the practice and teaching of leadership, in which we studied his book Leadership Without Easy Answers. The subject came to mind as we prepared our dual cover stories for this issue of NEA Today. It’s easy for pundits, pols, and provocateurs to pander to the public about Education Reform. But, how do we get to “reform?” If the answers were easy, we’d be there by now. 

Instructive examples abound, however. In “Taking the Lead,” we meet teachers and support professionals leading the transformation of profoundly troubled schools and raising levels of student achievement. (Learn more about NEA’s Priority Schools Campaign.) And in “Leading the Profession,” the Association proposes a bold framework for transforming public education.

No one actually in the profession ever said it would be easy, but one child at a time, one worksite at a time, NEA members are leading the way to fulfilling our vision of a great public school for every student.

Editor Doug Walker 

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