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In Fighting Trim

The end of our publishing year and the run-up to summer typically finds us exploring ways educators plan to spend a well-deserved break prior to summer or fall terms.

This spring, however, we find educators taking the reins of school reform to change the perception of their profession (Turning it Around), NEA affiliates taking the offensive against continuing attacks on public employees (State Affiliate Defense), and individual members taking control of their busy lives to get in better physical shape (Finding Time for Fitness).
It’s been a long school year.

And while teachers and support staff may be excused for wanting a breather right about now, there is no letup in the efforts of some to erode teachers’ working conditions and their ability to serve students in state-after-state.

Whether these efforts are bills to strip collective bargaining rights, initiatives to institute so-called “right-to-work” measures, interference with dues collection, or school funding cuts, these high-stakes tests of public educators’ ability to serve and organize must be opposed without rest or retreat.

Doug Walker

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