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Our Positions and Actions

Our Position

Our goal is to equip as many of our members as possible with information and resources to help them become persuasive and accomplished advocates for retirement security. The strategies, tools, and resources included in this toolkit are based on the experiences of NEA affiliates and a broad coalition of organizations representing public employee pension plans. To defend against attacks on retirement security, we must educate and activate all our members—active, retired, education support professionals, student, and higher ed—and we also must identify and engage other allies who share our concerns. Traditional pensions that reward career educators are the target. NEA members need to be organized, educated, and prepared to speak up and help build support for retirement security.

Messages to Congress on Pension Protection

Testimony to Congress on Pension Protection

  • Statement of the NEA on Public Pensions- 5/5/11
  • Hearing on “State and Municipal Debt: The Coming Crisis, Part II” - 2/15/11
  • The Role of Public Employee Pensions in Contributing to State Insolvency and the Possibility of a State Bankruptcy Chapter - 2/14/11
  • Statement to Congress on Defined Benefit Pension Plan Funding Levels - 10/1/09