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Benefits of Membership

As an NEA Student Program member, you’ll receive two publications to help you follow education trends: Tomorrow’s Teachers, published annually, and NEA Today, published four times a year. You’ll find resources, job information, and links to other NEA Student chapters on the program’s web site. You also qualify for $1 million of liability insurance coverage through the NEA Educators Employment Liability Program, which covers you every time you step into a classroom. Here are some Student Members’ favorite benefits:

  • Save on tuition for your master’s degree online through the NEA Academy.
  • Want to make a difference? There are plenty of opportunities at the national, state, and chapter level to get involved in activities like school renovation, literacy, and food bank projects.
  • Network with fellow future educators across the country on our Facebook pages.
  • Plus, you’ll get discounts through the NEA Member Benefits Programs on magazine subscriptions, car purchasing programs for you and your parents, and shopping at your favorite stores via “Click and Save.”

Professional Development The NEA Student Program holds its own national leadership and professional development conferences as well. The Student Leadership Conference, which takes place this year on June 27 – 30, 2012, in Washington, D.C., features information and training sessions, plus a community outreach project. There is also a Fall Connections Conference every November. For more information about attending conferences, contact your state student organizer.

Rebate You’ll also receive a $20 dues rebate for each year you spend in the NEA Student Program (up to four years). You can apply to receive your rebate during your first year as a teacher.


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