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Letter on Health Care Tax Credit Repeal

April 18, 2012

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the more than three million members of the National Education Association (NEA), we urge your opposition to the budget reconciliation proposals being marked-up in the Ways and Means Committee this week.  In particular, we strongly oppose proposals that would repeal tax credits provided under the Affordable Care Act to assist in the purchase of private health insurance.  Actions in committee on these issues may be included in the NEA Legislative Report Card for the 112th Congress. 

We are deeply concerned about the proposal to eliminate assistance to help low and middle income families purchase health insurance.  NEA members across the country see first-hand every day the importance of access to health care for children’s success in school.  Students simply cannot learn unless they come to school healthy.  Families with access to regular medical care are more likely to keep the entire family healthy and create a better learning environment within the home.

The proposed elimination of the Affordable Care Act’s “safe harbor” provision would likely result in millions of Americans remaining uninsured.   In addition, by undermining the affordability and availability of coverage for lower- and middle-income individuals and families, the proposal would also lessen the ability of the Affordable Care Act to help bring the cost of care and coverage under control for all Americans.

We urge your opposition to this proposal.


Kim Anderson 
Director, Center for Advocacy

Mary Kusler
Director of Government Relations