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Thompson Townhall Attracts More Than 1,000 Educators

On Tuesday, September 11, the Pennsylvania State Education Association and the National Education Association hosted a successful tele-town hall meeting with Representative Glenn Thompson (R) from Pennsylvania's 5th district. More than 1,000 callers, all PSEA/NEA members from the 5th district, participated in the evening's call. Every PSEA/NEA member in the 5th district was invited to participate.Rep. Glenn "GT" Thompson

A range of issues were discussed, from parent involvement to ESEA reauthorization and the problems with NCLB, to career and technical education. It was a vibrant and substantive discussion. Mike Crossey, PSEA President, led the call and engaged Rep. Thompson in a focused discussion on issues of critical importance in Pennsylvania. Callers were polled twice during the call on the issues of career and technical education and ESEA.

As a member of the Higher Education and Workforce Training subcommittee of the House Education and Workforce Committee, Rep. Thompson was particularly interested in hearing suggestions from educators on how out nation’s schools can be improved. Rep. Thompson asked for input on pre-school programs, particularly outcome data, as well as input on ESEA and Career and Technical Education. He also spoke to collective bargaining, stating firmly that he supports an individual's right to participate in collective bargaining.

Click here to listen to the complete Townhall meeting with Representative Glenn “GT” Thompson.