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Educators Not Fond of The Romney Lovefest

Romney-Ryan Confessions of love not best for students

WASHINGTON - October 23, 2012 -

On Monday October 22, 2012, Presidential Candidates Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama carefully outlined their international and domestic policy plans for voters – specifically targeting influential groups and swing-state voters with their comments. Reacting to remarks made by the candidates, Dennis Van Roekel, a high school math teacher and president of the National Education Association, recently said that “The closing note of the presidential debate was telling, with everyone on stage declaring their love of teachers. Mitt Romney claims he loves teachers on the one hand, while attacking teachers’ unions on the other. How he manages to separate educators from their unions is baffling. Regardless though, educators know that only one candidate has gone beyond the rhetoric.

Asked to sum up all of the recent love and attention given to teachers, Van Roekel said, “When Mitt Romney says he loves you, beware! He said he loved Big Bird, then said he would fire him. He also said he loved cars, but he wanted to let Detroit go bankrupt. Now he’s saying he “love[s] teachers, I think we all need to be concerned.”

“Mitt Romney’s form of love reminds me of being on the schoolyard as a kid, the only way you knew whether or not someone liked you was if they pulled your hair or made fun of you in front of their friends. Between the speeches Mitt Romney has given on the campaign trail and the statements he makes when the cameras are on, I think he might be suffering from ‘Romnesia’.”

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