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Rep. Tierney Talks with Massachusetts Educators at NEA Tele-Town Hall

On Sunday, November 4, the Massachusetts Teachers Association and the NEA hosted a successful tele-townhall with Representative John Tierney (D) from the 6th district. More than 900 people connected to the call, all MTA/NEA members from the district.

A range of issues were discussed, from ESEA reauthorization and the problems with NCLB to college affordability and special education. Rep. Tierney spoke of his leadership on labor issues in the Education and Workforce Committee, as he was needed time and again to fight back against anti-labor rhetoric and policies. He got questions on issues such as charter schools, education funding and his priorities for ESEA. He also spoke of his key role in spearheading the Democrats’ critical job training legislation to get our nation back to work and to ensure that community colleges have the support they need to provide education and training.

Paul Toner, President of the Massachusetts Teachers Association led the call and helped ensure the topics addresses were those that are most important to Massachusetts educators. Participants were polled on the issues of ESEA reauthorization and college affordability and asked to indicate what they think are the most important changes needed for NCLB.

Listen to the tele-townhall (MP3).