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How NEA Resolutions are Crafted and Amended

The NEA Resolutions document represents the collective decisions of the Association’s three million members nationwide. Each year the NEA Standing Committee on Resolutions seeks and receives input from a broad range of the Association’s membership, including online solicitation of proposed amendments and new resolutions, and an open hearing on resolutions conducted each year for NEA delegates in conjunction with the Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly.

The Resolutions Committee is primarily tasked with the annual preparation and presentation of all proposed resolutions for adoption by the NEA Representative Assembly. The committee carefully considers each proposed amendment or new resolution that it receives from members across the country. All proposed changes to the NEA Resolutions that are approved by majority vote of the committee are then transmitted to the more than 7,000 elected delegates to the NEA Representative Assembly for final consideration.

This highly democratic process ensures that NEA resolutions consistently convey the consensus of NEA members for all of the positions that the Association may take on education and social justice issues.


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