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Message from the Chair

Your Voice, Your Future.

Get Informed, Get Involved.

As chairperson of the NEA Student Program, there is one thing I know for sure: Our organization is packed with passionate future educators who are dedicated to giving back to our schools and our communities.

Last year, our organization celebrated 75 years of helping to develop many of tomorrow’s public education leaders—committed game changers who will shape the future of public education and classrooms across the nation.

Today, we stand more than 60,000 members strong!

I am proud to witness the strength that comes when young educators speak with one voice. Every day, I envision how our influence and power will grow as more of us dedicate our efforts to bringing more of our peers into this great Association.

Look at what we achieved just last year: We successfully encouraged Congress to keep interest rates low on student loans. During the 2012 election, we spent long hours organizing and mobilizing our members to get out and vote. Our efforts helped to create a record-setting youth turn-out rate. 

But we’ve still got important work to do. As attacks on teachers and public schools continue to hit our states, we must continue to stand up for our profession and for those who will one day be our students.

Some of you will graduate this spring and begin careers as educators. Many will continue to work on your degrees. Others may have held local, state, or national leadership positions, while some of you may be on a campus without a formally organized chapter. Maybe this issue of Tomorrow’s Teachers is the first time you’ve heard of the NEA Student Program! 

No matter your familiarity with our organization, I offer this recommendation:

Seize every opportunity to be involved and expand your leadership in the NEA Student Program.  There is absolutely no better resource when it comes to professional development, leadership training, community service projects, information-packed conferences, networking, and other opportunities.

If you’re graduating this year, I urge you to remain an active member of NEA and continue being a strong voice for educators and for your students. We have all heard that those first few years of teaching aren’t always easy, but remember that your building’s association leadership and your school district are ready sources of support.

As your chair, I am committed to helping each NEA Student Program member get the most out of our association. You can reach me via email. Please tell me how I can help you get involved with our efforts or tell me what I can do to assist the efforts of your state or local chapter. When we all work together, the sky truly is the limit!

Here are some other resources that will keep you informed and involved:

NEA-Student Program Facebook Page  

Updates on political issues that might affect your classroom.


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