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Message from the President

Let’s Talk about...Membership!

NEA-Retired was created in 1983 to protect and improve retiree pension plans and health benefits, keep Social Security and Medicare stable, maintain prescription drug coverage, and ensure that the voice of public education is heard by elected leaders throughout the nation.

Much has changed since our founding. Today— through NEA’s Intergenerational Program, the NEA Student Program and other mentoring efforts—we are a ready supply of knowledge and experience for new educators. And every March, at NEA’s Read Across America events across the country, we help children appreciate the adventure and wisdom that is found in books.

We are an impressive, dedicated group. In all, the total number of NEA-Retired and pre-retired This Active Life subscribers comes to more than 300,000. In 2012, we welcomed an impressive 3,000 new members to our ranks!

That’s important because membership is about the power to stand up to those who want to destroy public education and our union. It’s about having the strength to overcome right-to-work legislation that is designed to silence educators’ voices at the bargaining table. And membership is about standing up to union-crushing efforts to prohibit the automatic collection of union dues from the paychecks of educators and other public employees.

To continue fighting effectively, we must continue to build our power and grow. We must urge our friends who are working in schools to get a pre-retired membership, get involved in the issues that matter to education retirees, and to stay involved.

How long must we remain public school advocates? Forever. Likewise, “forever” is how long we must continue to stand up, speak out, and urge others to join us.

                                    —Tom Curran 

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