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Education is a Year-Round Commitment

This issue of NEA Today marks the end of the print magazine’s 2012 – 2013 publishing year, which follows a schedule similar to that of a school year. (Our year-round, daily coverage of association and education news continues online.) In the coming weeks, the NEA Today staff will prepare for the coming year and beyond. We’ll take stock of what we think we did right, identify ways to do better, and research and develop many new ideas and topics we’d like to share within these pages once the first day of school rolls around again.

It’s likely that your summer weeks will involve similar reflection and planning—because, despite what some may think, educators don’t really get summers “off.” Instead, many of you will work a second job to make ends meet, finding new and different ways to reach the students you’ll educate next year, and engage in critical professional development experiences that will help keep your students’ futures bright. For an exploration of the latest developments in this vital area, be sure to read our cover story on professional development.

As we look toward the end of the school year, we also anticipate the April announcement of the National Teacher of the Year, and the celebration of National Teacher Day in May. Both of these events help underscore the important role played by teachers when it comes to keeping our public schools and our nation strong.

But we all know that the effectiveness of every teacher is firmly rooted in the work of dedicated education support professionals—the men and women whose work shapes the backbone of public schools all across this nation. In March, NEA was proud to recognize Donna Schulze of Maryland with this prestigious award. Remember the education support professionals all around the nation whose contributions make a difference in students’ lives every day.

So, as we pause for the end of the school year, we at NEA Today honor all educators for your hard work and your commitment on behalf of America’s students—not just on the days school is in session, but every day of the year. May the countdown to summer begin!

Steve Grant


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