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National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA)

NCUEA Highlights

2014 NCUEA Fall Conference

The 2014 NCUEA Fall Conference will be held at the Sheraton Downtown in Nashville, Tennessee, December 3-6, 2014. We will again be providing the All Day Media training on Wednesday, December 3, prior to the start of the Fall Conference. This year we are going to highlight the work that is happening in NCUEA locals along with other requested training sessions. Watch for further information after the start of the 2014-15 school year.


NEA's Urban Grants

NEA’s Urban Grants support development of large local NEA affiliates representing pre-K-12 educators, higher education faculty, and education support professionals. This grant funding is intended for projects that increase membership recruitment and involvement, build Association capacity, issue organizing and organizing and engage communities. Urban Grants, administered by the NEA Center for Organizing, will be awarded for programs that align with the NEA Strategic Plan. Read More & Apply!

The National Council of Urban Education Associations (NCUEA) is an advocacy organization of local affiliates of the National Education Association (NEA), which is dedicated to strengthening member advocacy and making the NEA more responsive to member needs.

Mission and Goals

The mission of the National Council of Urban Education Associations is to promote and advance quality Public Education in urban schools by empowering and supporting Local Associations, Leaders, and Members. In carrying out this mission, NCUEA focuses on the following areas:

  • United Voice for Urban Education
  • Partnership with NEA
  • Partnerships with Education-Focused Organizations
  • Training for Urban Leaders
  • Human and Civil Rights for All
  • Celebration of Diversity
  • Communication Among Locals
  • Staff/Leadership Relationships
  • Quality Working Conditions


NCUEA members believe it is their responsibility to communicate their needs clearly and concisely to their colleagues within the NEA. The members believe NCUEA is the most effective method for making their case and for gaining a favorable hearing for their needs. Through the conduct of official business, NCUEA members work in a concerted fashion to influence the direction of NEA.