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Message from the NEA-Retired President

NEA-Retired: Going Strong!

When more than 400 NEA-Retired delegates and members gathered in Atlanta in July for the NEA-Retired Annual Meeting, which occurs before the NEA Representative Assembly, one thing was clear: We know how to get the job done!

NEA-Retired members got the job done at Thomasville Heights Elementary School in southeast Atlanta where we made much-needed improvements. And we got the job done through generous financial contributions, including almost $4,000 that was raised for the Jack Kinnaman Memorial Scholarship Fund, which went to University of Kentucky student Jacqueline Horsman and Tessa Low, who attends Virginia State University.

These donations continue NEA retirees’ tradition of giving. This year alone, we have raised more than $52,000 for the NEA fund for Children and Public Education.

Members and affiliates were also recognized for their accomplishments. Dr. Helen Zappia of Georgia, who oversees 30 scholarships for needy students and helped to create the 1970 merger that led to development of the Georgia Association of Educators, received the NEA-Retired Distinguished Service Award. The Pennsylvania State Education Association-Retired was honored for welcoming more than 500 new members during 2012 – 2013. And the Connecticut Education Association received the coveted 2013 Spotlight Journalism Award for publication of The CEA Advisor.

Together, with a commitment to service, financial generosity that benefits others, and work on behalf of our great organization, we are keeping NEA strong, and helping to keep public education on the right track.

—Tom Curran

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