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More than 50,000 Educators Have Taken the Pledge!

One caring adult can make a difference. Show your commitment to creating a bully free environment by changing your Facebook Cover image and by taking the Bully Free Pledge.


School Climate is Key Factor in Bullying Prevention


With nearly one-third of students reporting being bullied in school and nearly half of adolescents and teens saying they have been bullied online, bullying has reached epidemic levels, especially as some studies connect bullying with suicidal thoughts. And educators are stepping up to meet this challenge. In a 2011 National Education Association member survey, 98 percent of educators agreed they play a vital role in bullying prevention.

“NEA members across the country are stepping up and embracing their responsibility to protect students and end bullying in our schools. From teachers and bus drivers, to office staff and custodians, we are the eyes and ears in our schools, and we’re saying enough is enough. Every child deserves to learn and grow in a safe, caring environment,” said NEA President Dennis Van Roekel.

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Steps to Stop and Prevent Bullying

  1. Pay attention.
  2. Don’t ignore it
  3. When you see something — do something.
  4. Remain calm.
  5. Deal with students individually.

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