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‘Raise Your Hand’ for Student Success

Almost everyone—including those who have never set foot in a classroom or school—has an opinion on how the teaching profession and public education should change.

Our cover story, “Teachers Taking Charge,” looks at how committed teachers are helping each other, and leading their profession into the future so that every public school student will receive a quality education.

As we consider the future, “Finding Common Ground on Common Core,” examines the way teachers and ESPs partner to put the Common Core State Standards into place, and help students succeed. This issue also takes a look at successful alternative school models within the public education system. This non-traditional approach to education is covered in “Public School Choice.” 

Unfortunately, budget cuts, damaging “education reform,” misguided politicians, and concerns about school safety are likely to challenge public education for years to come. We must focus our attention on things—like empowering educators to lead—that truly boost student success and strengthen public education.

NEA Today is also focused on the future, and beginning in April, you’ll see more engaging content, a digital tablet version of the magazine (click here to sign up), and a new layout—all part of our goal to create what we call “one great magazine.”

We’re honored to represent educators whose commitment to public education is contagious. Visit us at and tell us how you “raise your hand.”

--Steven Grant


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