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Filing Comments with the FCC on the E-rate Program

NEA has filed comments in response to the Federal Communications Commission’s latest call for focused comments on E-rate Program funding needs.

Another (very effective) way to get the attention of the FCC is to flood them with stories from the classroom. NEA strongly encourages NEA members to weigh in in response to a funding change the FCC is considering making to the E-rate Program. All reply comments are due to the FCC by Tuesday, September 30.

To help NEA members in submitting their own comments, please see these additional resources:

  • Step-by-step instructions on how to file comments (see below), it’s easy!
  • A template response ( MS Word, 16.3 KB, 2 pp.) that you can edit and customize (see red text), to reflect your own experiences with the E-rate Program
  • NEA’s comments filed with the FCC
  • Additional information about the E-rate Program

Step-by Step Instructions on Filing comments with the FCC

  1. Go to FCC Comment web page.
  2. Select “Submit a Filing”
  3. Please note the FCC disclaimer at the top of the filing page, “You are filing a document into an official FCC proceeding. All information submitted including names and address will be publicly available via the web”
  4. Insert proceeding number: 13-184
  5. Under “Contact Info,” complete the relevant information. While you only have to fill out sections with an asterisk, you may want to include an email address for receipt purposes
  6. Under “Details,” indicate that you are filing a COMMENT
  7. Under “Address,” fill out asterisked information
  8. Under “Documents,” upload your comment from your computer
  9. Also “Under Documents,” insert short “Custom Description” (Sample: Educator Comment on E-Rate funding)
  10. Hit Continue to formally file your comment


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