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What I'veLearned

… from more than 30 years in the classroom.


“When I started teaching, I learned to perfect my teaching skills by observing the master teachers around me. They were the best mentors I’ve ever encountered. They encouraged me to always share ideas and experiences with other faculty members as well.

I’ve learned that a strong parent-teacher relationship is the key to every child’s success in school. By addressing issues immediately and always responding to parent phone calls and messages within 24 hours of receiving them, I was able to create a partnership with parents that enhanced my communication skills with them and their children.

I’ve learned that a faculty and staff who work together set an excellent example for children. Secretaries, custodial staff, aides, and cafeteria workers all provide a safe, well-run, healthy environment for children. Having mutual respect for the staff that contributed to this environment always made my job easier.

I’ve learned that an involved, active PTA makes a big difference in a school’s morale. The parent support in providing education programs for all children exposed them to the arts, sciences, and physical education they may not have encountered previously.

I’ve learned that children want a voice and deserve to be heard. In my 30-plus years of teaching experience, most of my students just wanted to be listened to, not spoken to. I took the time to learn about my students and listen to their concerns. ‘Educating’ them was only part of the job. And what a wonderful job experience it was!”

Linda K. Havron is a retired elementary school teacher who taught kindergarten and then second grade at Daniel Street Elementary School in Lindenhurst, N.Y. In her years of teaching she gathered a lot of wisdom that can benefit new and veteran teachers.

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