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Global Action Week 2014

Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability

Found In: international relations

Children with disabilities in developing countries are far less likely to attend school than their peers and those who do attend school face exclusion.

The Global Campaign for Education aims to increase awareness about this issue through their Global Action Week campaign and its theme, Equal Right, Equal Opportunity: Education and Disability.  The U.S. Chapter Facebook page of the Global Campaign for Education includes resources for action.

May 4-10 will be dedicated to discussing effective ways to provide disabled children with access to the quality educations that they deserve. Each year the Global Action Week theme focuses on one of the Education For All Goals

Global Action Week 2014 relies on the support of people from around the globe who are passionate about addressing the various education needs of children. All are welcome and encouraged to take part in Global Action Week events and join on-going efforts to provide disabled children with a quality education and the chance for a better future.

Disability Rights…Equipping Our Diplomats for International Progress

The Americans with Disabilities Act is the law in the United States that addresses accessibility and environments of non-discrimination.  Internationally, the disability rights advocacy tool is the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD).  It is a treaty that was signed by President Obama in 2009, signaling US interest in ratifying it.  Problem is, the United States Senate has been slow in ratifying this treaty which would be an important diplomatic tool to address disability rights, including education, in all nations.  Raise your voice about the importance of the CRPD, the Disability Treaty!


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