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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members

Fall 2016
Community schools and local partners help students bridge the gap between school and home. Afraid they don’t measure up academically, today’s high school students are more stressed than ever, and schools are seeking solutions. Learn how social media keeps ESPs up to date, connected, and involved.
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Summer 2016
A Back-to-School Guide to creating “wow moments” and “A+” days. How ESSA will signal the end to the standardized assessments and testing mania of No Child Left Behind. More educators are using cellphones in the classroom, but the long term consequences remain unknown. As anti-Islamic rhetoric reaches a fever pitch, a look at how one educator is tackling intolerance with classroom discussions. Overburdened with enormous workloads, these online educators are fighting back by forming a union. Celebrating the historic merger with the National Education Association and the American Teachers Association.
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Spring 2016
A U.S. Supreme Court case that could have rolled back some of the positive gains for students that educators have made. Tips for traveling abroad. A Q and A with actor Esia Morales. Colorado retired educators push for more school funding, work to protect retirement security, and door knock and phone bank for a candidate--plus much more!
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Winter 2016
Learn how physical activity can contribute to a longer and better retirement. A Q and A with journalist Dale Russakoff, who authored the book The Prize: Who’s In Charge of America’s Schools?. A look at four generations of educators. Three perspectives on pension plans.
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Fall 2015
Active and retired affiliate partnerships across the nation make the grade. Communication, cooperation, and respect are the keys to smooth partnerships between retired and active educators. StoryCorps—the nonprofit organization dedicated to the collection, preservation, and sharing of stories—captures the rich stories of seniors.


Summer 2015
Lillian Orlich was recruited by Virginia’s Prince William County Public Schools in the 1950s—decades before today’s students were born. This year marks the 61st school year she will help students chart their path toward the future. Find out why she says retirement is definitely not for her. 


Spring 2015
This issue profiles four high school seniors who are poised for success and the educators who make a difference in students’ lives every day. Across the nation, retired educators are launching a “second act”—playing in bands, singing in choirs, writing music, organizing summer arts camps, and more. 



Winter 2015  
New Jersey Education Association Secretary-Treasurer Sean M. Spiller, and New Jersey Retiree’s Education Association President Pat Provnick and Vice President Judy Perkins are proof that good things can come through focused activism and collaboration between active and retired educators.


Fall 2014  
NEA's new officers--Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president; Rebecca S. Pringle, vice president; and Princess Moss, secretary-treasurer-- share skill, drive, and a fierce commitment to public school educators and their students.


Summer 2014  
Whether you’re a recent retiree, or it’s been awhile since you heard that last bell ring, here are some tips to help you live the retirement of your dreams.


Spring 2014  
Sixty years ago, Brown v. Board of Education put an end to legally segregated schools. But just how far have we come? Today, many districts continue to grapple with an alarming pattern of resegregation that continues to separate students by race and poverty. Our cover story looks at the national trend, and profiles students and educators who are working to combat the growing inequality.


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The NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members (2016 Summer issue)
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