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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members

Spring 2014  
Sixty years ago, Brown v. Board of Education put an end to legally segregated schools. But just how far have we come? Today, many districts continue to grapple with an alarming pattern of resegregation that continues to separate students by race and poverty. Our cover story looks at the national trend, and profiles students and educators who are working to combat the growing inequality.


Summer 2014  
Whether you’re a recent retiree, or it’s been awhile since you heard that last bell ring, here are some tips to help you live the retirement of your dreams.


Fall 2014  
NEA's new officers--Lily Eskelsen Garcia, president; Rebecca S. Pringle, vice president; and Princess Moss, secretary-treasurer-- share skill, drive, and a fierce commitment to public school educators and their students.



Winter 2015  
New Jersey Education Association Secretary-Treasurer Sean M. Spiller, and New Jersey Retiree’s Education Association President Pat Provnick and Vice President Judy Perkins are proof that good things can come through focused activism and collaboration between active and retired educators.