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EI Report: Getting Teacher Migration and Mobility Right

Around the world, many teachers feel compelled to leave their home countries and pursue employment opportunities abroad. Education International’s report, “Getting Teacher Migration and Mobility Right,” is a comprehensive report of these teachers’ experiences. EI surveyed 1,358 teachers to better understand the rewards and challenges associated with teaching abroad. Through the study, EI aims to identify more effective practices for international teacher migration. Additionally, it places a spotlight on issues of concern and exposes abuses. Areas of concern include the trafficking of teachers and exploitative job recruiters.

Increasing awareness of teacher migration issues is essential to addressing the personal and professional challenges faced by migrant teachers. All teachers, regardless of their origin, should be able to work in a supportive environment that allows them to voice their concerns. The report is an innovative and insightful study of a unique set of challenges faced by a growing proportion of teachers worldwide.

Further information about the report and teacher migration can be accessed on the newly launched web portal, Migrant Teacher’s Rights, which provides not only resources and opportunities for exchange for teachers’ organizations concerned with this issue, but also a platform to be used directly by migrant teachers around the world so that they can share their experiences and make informed choices.

Education International