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Letter to the House on the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act

July 07, 2014

Dear Representative:

On behalf of the three million members of the National Education Association and the students they serve, I urge you to support the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) (H.R. 803) as passed by the Senate when it comes to the House floor this week. Votes associated with this bill may be included in the NEA Legislative Report Card for the 113th Congress.

NEA appreciates that this bipartisan reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act maintains the basic structure employed under current law; includes labor representation on workforce boards; provides work-based learning opportunities for young people and more services for low-income, low-skill workers; and enhances the focus on successful transitions to post-secondary opportunities for adult basic education students. We particularly appreciate the improved infrastructure funding provision, which will ensure that federal programs partnering with the workforce system can still meet their primary statutory obligations.

We are pleased that the bill improves community college participation in the workforce system in a number of ways. At the same time, NEA maintains its commitment to increasing the voice of educators themselves in the workforce system. 

This long overdue, bipartisan legislation is a step forward in ensuring that young people are better prepared to enter the workforce, and that adult workers have the skills they need to meet the workforce demands of a changing economy. We urge you to support the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act.


Mary Kusler
Director, Government Relations