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Back to School 2014 Organizing Resources

This page has been created to support NEA’s continued collaboration with State and Local Affiliates around membership recruitment and retention strategies. The Center for Organizing, in partnership with various NEA Departments and NEA Member Benefits, has put together a number of resources to assist you in your Back to School 2014 (B2S14) organizing program.

While we know that your local affiliates have already planned many of their activities around new hire events, NEA’s research shows that educators are looking to their professional association as a place for continued learning.

Therefore, the following resources have been created to assist affiliates in developing a continuous engagement process well into the new school year. These resources may be used as a monthly series and can be a part of your state and local affiliates' continued outreach to new and returning educators.

Degrees Not Debt Resource Guide

Description: Student debt has become a barrier to the higher education and career opportunities that so many deserve. The Degrees Not Debt (DND) campaign seeks to mobilize members to engage, educate and activate their community and professional networks on the crisis of educational debt and college affordability, and, in the process, grow a stronger NEA member and leader base. Our part of the DND campaign is to help educators save in a number of Federal Programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF), Income Based Repayment (IBR), and other programs utilizing a robust online and offline outreach campaign.

How to Use this Resource Guide: This resource guide can be used to help engage Local Affiliates, targeted early educators, parents and community members. Another option available is for members to form repayment application support groups that can benefit from the resources on our website. Resource guide coming soon.

Resource Contact: Nilka Julio, Organizational Specialist, Center for Organizing

Leading the Profession: Resource Guide

Description: Across the country, educators are coming forward to address issues that impact classroom instruction and student success in partnership with education support professionals, other staff, parents, and community members. The Leading the Profession Toolkit provides resources and support for local leaders and members as they take the lead on implementing the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) and addressing other professional issues. In this newly released toolkit, the Center for Organizing offers state and local affiliates practical tips ranging from: Implementing the CCSS, Draft School Board Resolution, CCSS Talking Points and Resources and Support.

How to Use this Resource Guide: This toolkit can assist local leaders and UniServ Directors in developing a stand-alone training on CCSS implementation for educators. In addition, this toolkit can assist affiliates in building a community-union led partnership to address the implementation of standards to ensure that all stakeholders understand their role in making them a success.

Resource Contact: Sarah Markey, Organizational Specialist, Center for Organizing

Bully Free: It Starts with ME

Description: Designed by educators for educators, the Bully Free: It Starts with ME toolkit reflects the best available research on bullying prevention. The toolkit helps to identify caring adults in our schools and communities who are willing to stand up and become a support for students who are being bullied.

How to Use this Resource Guide: Bullying is a systemic problem that educators will face during their career. This toolkit can be utilized to engage early and returning educators to identify, manage and support students who face daily challenges. The Association is the perfect partner to provide this resource and training to its current and potential members. In addition, there are a number of resource materials developed for the different job categories associated with our Education Support Professionals.

Resource Contact: Rocio Inclan, Director, Human and Civil Rights

Equity and Language Training Module for Closing the Achievement Gap

Description: This ELL training module is intended to deal with closing the achievement gaps for all ELL students of various cultures and languages. It is available to support and assist educators in understanding how to apply the best research-based ELL, culture and equity practices in the classroom and to further one’s own professional development.

How to Use this Resource Guide: This resource guide can be incorporated into the work of a UniServ Director or Local President to host a professional learning meeting with their leadership teams, Association Representatives and targeted educators in high-density ELL schools. For additional information on closing the achievement gap, visit NEA's Achivement Gap resource page.

Resource Contact: Luiz Martinez, Human and Civil Rights

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