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NEA Bully Free School Climate Summit Conference Proceedings

Prepared for the National Education Association

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 Conference Proceedings
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The purpose of the NEA Bully Free School Climate Summit was to bring together researchers, policy makers, practitioners, and other key education stakeholders who share the National Education Association’s (NEA) commitment to keeping students safe and supported.

Specifically, the Summit focused on the critical role that a positive school climate plays in the prevention of bullying and the promotion of positive youth development. The goals of the Summit were threefold:

  • (1) pinpoint the various components of school climate and their relevance to youth violence and bullying prevention;
  • (2) discuss ways to measure school climate;
  • (3) provide concrete ways to improve school climate through school-wide programs and interventions.

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Importance of School Climate: An NEA Research Brief

• What is school climate?
• Why does school climate matter?
• How do you measure school climate?
• How can you improve school climate?

Research-based, student-centered, staff-involving resources for educators: Click here to view or download


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