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Making History, Making a Difference

With the first month of school behind us, it’s time for educators across the nation to focus on local, state, and national elections taking place only a few weeks from now. More than ever, educators are speaking up because, as the adage says, “Just because you don’t take an interest in politics, doesn’t mean politics won’t take an interest in you.”

Education funding will be an underlying theme in many midterm elections—especially the gubernatorial races in states where education budgets continue to take a hit. For more on this vital issue, and how—in an effort to make themselves more attractive to voters—candidates are rewriting history when it comes to their support of public education, read “Half Truths, Fuzzy Math, and Flat Out Lies.” While education supporters will have Election Day circled on their calendars, students will have their eyes on winter break. In “Busting the Mid-Semester Slump,” teachers share their best tips to keep students focused as the school year switches into full swing.

Here at NEA, we are in full swing with a new leadership team that assumed office on September 1. Lily Eskelsen García is president; Rebecca Pringle, is vice president; and Princess Moss, is secretary treasurer. Together, the history-making team (never before has our Association been led by three women of color) will lead NEA into the future. For more about them, check this issue’s cover story: “Mission Driven.”

Just as NEA members had the foresight to elect highly skilled and committed leaders to lead this Association, may we work to elect national leaders who will work to do their best for educators and students across the nation.

Steven Grant 

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