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Thank You!

Thank you for sharing your story about union participation and the importance of engaging all members and potential members in our organizing efforts.

Anti-labor and anti-public education groups have steadily sought to limit the rights of educators. One way they seek to do this is to outlaw Fair Share, also knows as Agency Fee, clauses in contracts or legislated by state law. Fair Share clauses — which ensure that all educators contribute to the legally required representation and negotiated benefits provided to them by their local union — are common in states where educators engage in collective bargaining.

Recently, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Harris vs. Quinn. This case was an attempt by union enemies to further erode union membership by stripping away fair share provisions. Union opponents have many court cases lined up that will continue to attempt to erode our ability to collect Fair Share. That’s why NEA and our affiliates are working to educate members about the benefits of union participation.

We will be sending you an email to confirm your story submission and provide additional information on how you can organize to build power for our union.

Thanks again for sharing your story.