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Share your Story - Ask an Educator 2016 National Listening Tour

Educators are fed up with policies that don’t put students at the center of education and they have a lot to say about what would work better.

That’s why NEA and our affiliates are participating in the Ask an Educator 2016 National Listening Tour. The listening tour will allow us to hear directly from our members and elevate the voices of the men and women working in our schools and classrooms.

Please share your story on the issue you are most passionate about and help us make sure all students have the tools and time they need to learn and all educators have the resources, mentoring, and support they need and deserve as professionals.

Share your testing story

How has standardized testing affected your students’ learning?

Share your Degrees Not Debt story

How has student debt affected your quality of life or career choices?

Share your story about union participation

How has participation in your union benefitted you professionally?

Share your story about legislative issues

What are the legislative issues that affect your students the most?

Share your story about an education issue you are passionate about

What other education issue affects your students that you want to change?

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“Join the listening tour movement!” says NEA Secretary-Treasurer Princess R. Moss