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Spring 2015

Cover Story

Class of 2015
NEA Today profiles four high school seniors who are poised for success and the educators who make a difference in students’ lives every day.

A message from NEA–Retired President

In a time when many elected leaders appear to believe unions must be silenced, and teachers should be blamed for all that ails public education, retiree activists are more important than ever.

Retired Educators Rock!

Across the nation, retired educators are launching a “second act”—playing in bands, singing in choirs, writing music, organizing summer arts camps, and more.

Under Pressure

High blood pressure shouldn’t be overlooked. Know the details about the disease that’s called the “silent killer,” and how a healthy lifestyle can keep it at bay.


Deloris Rome Hudson retired in 2011 from nearly four decades of teaching consumer science. Today, she serves NEA in various positions, including co-facilitator of the Great Public Schools Network’s online “School-to-Prison Pipeline” forum.

My Contribution

How Bill Penzey, owner of Penzeys Spices is reaching out to public school teachers to let them know they “are valuable.”


Anne-Marie Johnson is an actress, activist, unionist, the daughter of a teacher, and product of public education.

From NEA Today

The Unfulfilled Promise of IDEA
Since passage of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act in 1975, Congress has never come close to meeting its funding obligation, and students’ futures continue to hang in the balance.

Diverse Students, Diverse Books
As classroom demographics continue to change dramatically, there is a growing need to diversify school and classroom book collections.

The School-to-Prison Pipeline
Suspensions and expulsions cause more harm than good. Learn how schools are implementing restorative practices based on communication and understanding and getting great results.


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