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Summer 2015

Cover Story

Generation Z

They fill today’s classrooms, and NEA Today takes a look at how these students feel about important issues and what they expect the future to look like when they get there.

A Note from the Editor-in-Chief

President's Viewpoint

A message for every 2016 presidential hopeful.


RA Wrap Up
Photos and highlights of the 94th NEA Representative Assembly.

Listen Up!
As we look ahead to the 2016 presidential election, here’s what educators want presidential hopefuls to know about the nation’s public schools.

U.S. Senate moves to close the door on the disastrous legacy of NCLB.

Your $3 At Work
In 2013, delegates to the NEA RA voted to increase annual membership dues. Today, the additional resources fuel educators’ nationwide efforts to transform the teaching profession.

Charter School Accountability
Nationwide, teachers are focused on student success, and holding charter schools accountable for their lack of educational support.

When the Numbers Don’t Add Up
In this first installment of our “opportunity series,” we visit Reading, Pa.—one of the nation’s poorest cities—to learn why we must solve the inequity problem in school funding.

Recoding for the 21st Century
Educators rush to hook students—especially girls—on coding so they will be ready to fill one of the 1.4 million computer science jobs that will exist by 2020.

People and Places

ESP of the Year
Janet Eberhardt is a community relations specialist and elementary advisor at Monroe Elementary School in San Francisco. She is also a leader and activist with the California Teachers Association and the United Educators of San Francisco.

NCESP: The Voice of ESPs

Creating Safe Schools for LGBT Students

Reading and Riding
Bus driver provides reading support

Day at the Movies!

First & Foremost

Time to Learn, Not Test

Oklahoma Educators Quash Attempt to Ban AP U.S. History

School Choice

The Design of an Effective Classroom

Top Ten Unique Education Laws

Reading Gender Gap Narrows

Still Don’t Know Much About History

Teaching & Learning

Teaching and Learning Begin with Books

Ten Must-Haves for New Teachers

Making Learning a Blasssst!

Extra Credit

Issues & Impact

Pumping up the Teacher Pipeline

Put Kids First


Grants and Events
Find an up-to-date list of grants, awards, and educational observances.

Each year, NEA Foundation awards grants worth $2,000 and $5,000 to support educators’ efforts to close achievement gaps, access professional development opportunities, and develop creative learning opportunities for students. Since 2005, 4,500 educators have received $7.1 million in grants. 

It's Cool to be Clean!
NEA Health Information Network (NEA HIN) has launched a new video series designed to educate education support professionals and educators about cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting school environments. Knowledge about appropriate techniques and necessary supplies can help us all keep students, staff, and our buildings healthy.

What's New at The NEA Academy?
Learning opportunities that fit your time and budget. Keep your skills up to date, and find success in today’s ever-changing educational landscape without breaking the bank. The NEA Academy offers on-demand, affordable, practical courses for leaders, educators, and education support professionals through online career development options.Your NEA membership offers you instant access to an extensive collection of peer-reviewed courses and degree programs, and entitles you to significant discounts on classes, courses, credits, and tuition!
Successful Strategies for Common Core Implementation. Your role as an educator is constantly evolving as the Common Core State Standards continue to take root. To support your efforts, and ensure all students find success, the NEA Academy offers a wide array of virtual coursework including transforming math instruction, standards-based reading instruction, critical thinking, 21st century classroom technology, and differentiated instruction.


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