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Back to School in Atlanta, Georgia

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García kicked off the back-to-school tour in Atlanta, Georgia, with an early start to her day yesterday, speaking with local radio stations, The Atlanta Voice, and The Atlanta Journal-Constitution, welcoming students and educators back to school, and also talking about toxic testing, teacher evaluations, and opportunity gaps.

In the evening, President García greeted members of the Georgia Association of Educators, local and state officials as well as community members in a town hall forum moderated by GAE President Sid Chapman and sponsored by WSB-TV.

“I’ve been President one year, it feels like a million years, but maybe I’m just a million years older. It’s amazing to go state to state and feel that same love for our students everywhere I go, but I sadly also see the same heartbreak.”

"When you work in a public school, you reflect the communities you work in. Our association has been deliberately diverse…I look out here and I say, ‘yeah, we’re doing something good.’” Said García.

Educators asked how they could fight back against attacks on public education. “I didn’t used to believe you when you said public education was under attack. Now I do,” said one educator. Others asked how they could get parents more engaged, retirement security, and more.

“I’m going to say this all over the South. You show me those little miracles that are happening all over the South and I will tell your story,” added President Garcia. “I want them to hear why you do what you do. I want you to be talking about why you do what you do.”

The “Opportunity for All: Unite, Inspire, Lead” tour continues today in Savannah, Georgia, with a visit to the classroom of 2015 Chatham Public School District Teacher of the Year Ms. Bynkini Frazier; a visit to Hodge Middle School and lunch hosted by the Savannah State University StudentGAE at Savannah State University.

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