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HCR: What We Do

Through leadership training, professional development and member activism, NEA’s Human and Civil Rights department aims to identify, develop and lift the voices of educator-leaders who advocate for opportunity for all students no matter their zip code.

Mission and Vision

NEA Human and Civil Rights understands that education advocacy and social justice advocacy go hand in hand, and that an increasingly diverse kaleidoscope of students and educators must feel welcome in our public schools.
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Caucuses and Committees

The NEA's long history of advancing the concerns of ethnic minorities is reflected in its Ethnic Minority Caucuses and their participation in the NEA Ethnic Minority Affairs Committee. The caucuses serve to represent the interests and issues of their communities within the NEA and the community. Read More

Professional Development

NEA Human and Civil Rights understands that education advocacy and social justice advocacy go hand in hand. In our work to achieve equal opportunity and social justice for all students and school staff, we provide student-centered, research-based, and educator-driven training programs that prepare our members to be powerful advocates for today’s students. Read More



Sample resolution and district policy that can be used as a template or guidance for local school districts to create their own Safe Zones resolutions.


Learn more about the work of educator activists in the fight for racial, social and economic justice in public education:

social media shareables

Find memes, videos, post cards, and posters to share as you advocate for social justice in your school and community here.

When A student Asks: Am I going to Die?

From Lily's Blackboard:

Hear from Flint, Michigan educators whose students have been drinking contaminated water - poisoned water - for over a year. Have they have been harmed in ways that might not show for years? Read more