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The National Education Association Joins the Milwaukee Teachers Association in a Citywide Gathering

Committed educators, parents, students and community leaders came together Saturday, February 20th to take part in a citywide gathering, march and rally to support Milwaukee, Wisconsin’s community schools and demand a stop to the state school takeovers.

Amy Mizialko, vice president of the Milwaukee Teachers Education Association, called the event exhilarating.  She stated, “ Another undeniable piece of community schools is the emphasis and commitment to positive discipline and restorative justice practices.  Our community will not allow for the continuation of a school to prison pipeline for Milwaukee students.  We believe that community schools are the answer because they take a strong stance so that students can grow, be supported, and contribute to our society.”

The citywide gathering and rally are part of the nationwide NEA-sponsored, Ask an Educator 2016 National Listening Tour, an initiative focusing on educators and community involvement on the major issues currently impacting public schools.

Secretary-Treasurer Princess Moss, represented the NEA at the Milwaukee event. “I’m proud that Milwaukee leaders are organizing around the community school model and that they’re creating result-oriented programs and initiatives that are helping to transform public education for all students.  As an educator for 30 years, I know one thing is certain: students cannot focus inside the classroom if their basic needs are not being met outside the classroom. That’s why NEA believes that community schools are a positive alternative to school takeovers.  Let’s strengthen students, support parents and build up our communities.” 

As the participants marched to the courthouse steps to rally on behalf of Milwaukee’s community schools and demonstrated in support of the expansion of the community school model and to show solidary for the Milwaukee Public Schools Takeover Repeal Act (SB-755). This recently introduced legislation seeks to give local control to our elected school boards, who are entrusted with the management and success of our local public schools.

Princess Moss fired up the crowd with the following chant, “Take back our schools!  We know what works, we know community schools work; we must take back out schools from the corporate profiteers.  We must take back our schools from politicians and their cookie-cutter solutions that we know do not work.  We must take back our schools for our students and for generations to come because EVERY student deserves a great public education and they’re the future of America.  We must take back our schools!”

As of today, 191 affiliates have registered to participate in the 2016 National Listening Tour and have selected to join one of our national issue campaigns such as Community Schools, ESP Organizing, Degrees Not Debt, Early Career Educator, etc.  To learn more about the listening tours visit or contact Nathan Allen at

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“Join the listening tour movement!” says NEA Secretary-Treasurer Princess R. Moss