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2016 Archives

Fall 2016

Community schools and local partners help students bridge the gap between school and home. Afraid they don’t measure up academically, today’s high school students are more stressed than ever, and schools are seeking solutions. Learn how social media keeps ESPs up to date, connected, and involved.

Summer 2016

A Back-to-School Guide to creating “wow moments” and “A+” days. How ESSA will signal the end to the standardized assessments and testing mania of No Child Left Behind. More educators are using cellphones in the classroom, but the long term consequences remain unknown. As anti-Islamic rhetoric reaches a fever pitch, a look at how one educator is tackling intolerance with classroom discussions. Overburdened with enormous workloads, these online educators are fighting back by forming a union. Celebrating the historic merger with the National Education Association and the American Teachers Association.

Spring 2016

A U.S. Supreme Court case that could have rolled back some of the positive gains for students that educators have made. Adolescent abuse in romantic relationships and what educators need to know about this growing trend. The mainstreaming of the Individualized Education Program and how special education services need to be customized. Students pushing back against harmful education reforms and excessive testing. The Flint, Mich. water crisis. 

Winter 2016

Reading trends in elementary, middle and high schools show how kids will read for pleasure—and thereby increase academic achievement—if they can choose books they like. Other articles focus on implicit biases in the classroom, teacher-led schools, and peer assistance review.