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We Make a Difference!

Four times a year, NEA national and state officers gather at the Association’s headquarters for a full week of meetings collectively known as “Super Week.” At this year’s gathering in February, I had the opportunity to attend the NEA executive committee meeting as an official observer for NEA-Retired.

 Shortly before the meeting, executive committee members and leaders worked phone banks and knocked on doors in Iowa and New Hampshire on behalf of our endorsed presidential candidate, Hillary Rodham Clinton.

NEA Executive Director John Stocks was among the campaigning group, and his report to the executive committee highlighted retirees’ efforts in both states. “We won in the Iowa caucuses, and it was the NEA-Retired members who made the difference! We won’t win in New Hampshire, but the NEA-Retired members were working hard there too.”

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García also sang the praises of NEA-Retired members who campaigned in Iowa and New Hampshire.

Now, I have always known and talked about how great NEA-Retired members are when it comes to political action, but February marked the first time I’ve heard it from our NEA president and executive director. I am grateful for the effort of our retired members, and I am proud beyond measure of the way you represent our organization.

But this is no time for us to rest on our laurels. With more primaries and caucuses ahead, and Election Day looming in November, we must work like our members in Iowa and New Hampshire. There is much at stake.

I will end this column with a reminder that our NEA Annual Meeting, to be held June 29 – 30 at the Renaissance Hotel, in Washington, D.C., is a business meeting, not a conference. We will hear committee reports, elect offices and conduct new business. All members are welcome, but only NEA delegates may vote. I look forward to seeing you there!

—NEA-retired President Tom Curran

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