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‘Go Candy, Go!’

NEA-retired teacher drives into new territory, honors late husband

It was her husband Jim’s great love of Porsches that brought the car into Candyce Jones’s life in 1974. The small 911S model with the sepia brown exterior, and tan leather interior, soon became woven into some of Candyce Jones’ fondest memories of the couple’s life together. From summer cross-country trips, to watching Road American races, the car was part of every experience.

In the fall of 2008, Jim passed away. The car that once carried them on summer trips was consigned to the garage while Jones decided whether there would be another journey in the car her husband cared for so carefully.

For 35 years the car had been his passion, so I wasn’t quite sure how it fit into my life without him,” says the retired Illinois teacher.

By 2010 the choice was made.

“I met an elderly gentleman, 20 years older than I. I would walk with him every morning. He was a car guy too and told me I needed to start the car,” Jones explains.

Shortly thereafter, Jones lowered herself into the car’s driver’s seat, and started the engine for the first time since her husband’s passing a year and half before.  

“I had read about a Porsche parade in my hometown a few months prior and I thought it was a great opportunity to show the car,” Jones says of her first outing with the automobile.

On her way to the parade, an officer stopped her. To Jones’s surprise, he didn’t demand to see her license and registration. Instead, he wanted her to enter the car in the Porsche Club’s national competition.

When she arrived at the parade, it became quite clear the officer wasn’t the only one who saw potential in her car. “As I got there, people started surrounding my car. I had no clue why though,” Jones recounts.

Jones later discovered the car her husband had purchase and maintained for over 30 years was a rare Porsche model that represented the last of the original Porsche designs. The antique went on to win awards within its division and still competes across the nation.

“To this day, that officer still washes and waxes the car. It’s amazing the people who have stepped into my life because of this car!” Jones says.

Jones acknowledges the car’s impeccable mechanical capacity, but also credits the vehicle with propelling her journey forward, following the loss of her husband.

“Its sentimental values are incredible. This Porsche was really the vehicle for starting my life over and making new friends. I learned to not be afraid, to step into another world and try something different,” Jones says.

When asked what her husband would say if he could see her now, Jones, fighting back tears responded with great faith, “He would be cheering. ‘Go Candy, Go!’”

NEA-Retired Member Candyce Jones honors her late husband by touring his beloved Porsche across the country. This multi-award winner car not only represents the last of the original Porsche designs, it also is the vehicle that propelled Jones’ journey forward following the passing of her husband.


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