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Alaska Paraeducator Career Data

Paraeducator Career Data By State Map

The Paraeducator Career Map houses a variety of paraeducator related data, including policy guidelines, standards and requirements for each of the 50 states (if they exist and are readily available). Current information was collected through internet searches of state department of education websites and other national websites targeting state resources. In some cases, data was also collected and/or verified through phone calls to state department of education staff or others who work in the field.

Department of Education Alaska State Department of Education
Department of Education Paraeducator Webpages Alaska Highly Qualified and
Qualified Paraprofessional Information
Education Statute
*Effort was made to provide the most direct link to paraeducator policy.
Not Found
Hiring Qualifications Alaska Paraprofessional Qualification Form

Alaska Title I-A Paraprofessional
Qualification Requirements
Standards/Guidelines Alaska Paraprofessional Qualifications Form
Paraeducator Title(s)
*Found on State DOE Website or in State Education Statute.
Other Paraeducator Titles Case Manager, Care Coordinator, Clincial Associate, Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), Classroom Paraprofessional, Children's Behavioral Health, Community Wellness Advocate, Employment Specialist, Job Coach, Activity Therapist, Intake Specialist, Mental Health Aide/ Technician, Program Assistant, Residential Aide, Respite Care
Paraeducator Handbooks State of Alaska Department of Education and Early Development Special Education Handbook
Paraeducator Training Programs Coming Soon!
Other Resources/Webpages Not Found