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Nebraska Paraeducator Career Data

Paraeducator Career Data By State Map

The Paraeducator Career Map houses a variety of paraeducator related data, including policy guidelines, standards and requirements for each of the 50 states (if they exist and are readily available). Current information was collected through internet searches of state department of education websites and other national websites targeting state resources. In some cases, data was also collected and/or verified through phone calls to state department of education staff or others who work in the field.

Department of Education Nebraska State Department of Education
Department of Education Paraeducator Webpages Title I-A (Under Paraprofessional Information)
Education Statute
*Effort was made to provide the most direct link to paraeducator policy.
Paraeducators in Nebraska Schools: A Guide for Administrators
Hiring Qualifications Title I, Part A, Paraprofessional Requirements

Nebraska Department of Education Approved Equivalency for Paraeducators
Standards/Guidelines Not Found
Paraeducator Title(s)
*Found on State DOE Website or in State Education Statute.
Other Paraeducator Titles Early Childhood Paraeducator, Campus Security Paraeductor,
Early Childhood Special Education (ECSE), English Language Learner (ELL) Paraeducator, English as a Second Language (ESL) Paraeducator, General Instruction Paraeducator, Health Room Paraeducator, In-School Support/Recovery Paraeducator, In-School Suspension Paraeducator, Intervention Paraeducator, Learning Assistance Program (LAP) Paraeducator, Library Pareaducator, Media Paraeducator, Para I, Para II, Para III, Para IV, Paraprofessional, Security Entrance Monitors, Special Education Paraeducators, Special Education Paraducators II, Substitute Paraeducator, Teacher Aide, Title Paraeducator I, Visually and Hearing Impaired Pareaducator
Paraeducator Handbooks Paraeducators in Nebraska Schools: A Guide for Administrators

Nebraska Title I Paraprofessionals Non-Regulatory Guidance
Paraeducator Training Programs Coming Soon!
Other State Resources/Webpages Not Found