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Her poem touched me, and it made me laugh,
ta sweet and witty elegy for her cat,
teand after she graduated I wrote
a long, enthused letter on her behalf
when she applied to join the police force.
Whatever possessed me, later, to Google
her lines, finding shed lifted them wholesale
from an obscure British poet, my first
thought was to write againto her sergeant.
But then I stopped; shed put one over on me,
and I hoped she wasnt patrolling the streets,
assigned anything dangerous or urgent,
but using her true talents at a desk,
investigating fraud, or identity theft.


Peter Schmitt is the author of five collections of poems, including Renewing the Vows, from David Robert Books. He has received The Discovery Prize, The Lavan Award from The Academy of American Poets, and The Peterkin Prize from Converse College. He has taught creative writing and literature at the University of Miami since 1986.

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