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REALITY CHECK: Donald Trump Loves To Gamble With Other People’s Money. Keep His Hands Off America’s Social Security

WASHINGTON - October 19, 2016 -

“As an educator, I’m not a ‘billionaire’ like Donald Trump. Trump referring to Social Security as a ‘Ponzi scheme’ is an insult to ordinary Americans who spend their lives contributing. The truth is, Social Security has allowed me to retire with dignity. There is nothing scarier than the thought of my financial future in the hands of a man who lost his own company nearly a billion dollars. Hillary Clinton will protect Social Security and fight risky Republican proposals to privatize it. She knows our economy must work for everyone instead of becoming a playground for billionaires.” – Randy Naber, Retired Educator, Muscatine, IA


  • Hillary will defend Social Security against Republican attacks. “Republicans are using scare tactics about the future and effectiveness of Social Security to push through policies that would jeopardize it. The real threat is Republican attempts to undermine the bedrock of the system. Hillary believes that Social Security must remain what it has always been: a rock-solid benefit that seniors can always count on—not subject to the budget whims of Congress or to the fluctuations of the stock market.”
  • Donald Trump gives lip service to “saving social security,” but do you really want to cast your lot with a candidate from a party that spent exactly one paragraph on Social Security in its platform – or with a candidate in Hillary who has proposed not just saving Social Security but expanding it?

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