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REALITY CHECK: Donald Trump Won’t Help the Modern American Family With Policies Rooted in the 1950s

WASHINGTON - October 19, 2016 -

“Donald Trump believes pregnancy is an ‘inconvenience’ to employers. An inconvenience! But Hillary’s been a working mom for 36 years. It’s no surprise her family leave proposal is the most ambitious in history. With women making up the majority of the education workforce, Hillary understands paid leave is an education issue too. She wants to support experienced teachers, as well as some students, and help them get back into the classroom. It’s clear that Hillary understands the challenges facing America’s families. That’s why we need her in the White House.” – Dawn Levey, Alternative High School Educator, Elsie, MI


  • Trump may indeed be the first-ever GOP nominee to propose paid family leave of any sort, but that doesn’t make his proposal good policy. His proposal falls far short of Hillary’s in providing America’s families with what they actually need in the only country in the developed world without paid family leave. Trump wants only six weeks of paid maternity leave, and only for mothers who’ve given natural birth – nothing for fathers, same-sex couples, or families who adopt.
  • Hillary is proposing a comprehensive paid leave plan that comprises all aspects of the modern American family. She wants to guarantee up to 12 weeks of paid family leave to care for a new child and ensure Americans get at least two-thirds of their wages while on leave. And it will cover all types of American families. “Too many moms have to go back to work just days after their babies are born,” Hillary said. “And too many dads and parents of adopted children don’t get any paid leave at all. Neither do sons and daughters struggling to take care of their aging parents. None of this is fair to families.”
  • “In a Trumpian world, no one adopts. No gay couples have children either, through adoption or via surrogate. It’s honestly enough to make our heads spin that the possible future leader of the free world has such sexist and antiquated notions about how modern families work. His policy proposal includes six weeks of paid leave for a woman who has given birth, along with tax credits for stay-at-home mothers. Not stay-at-home fathers, because what is this, 2016? Get outta here with that progressive garbage. Men smoke the cigars. Women do the child-rearing.”


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