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NEA Paraeducator Institute Archived Webinar Series

Previously Aired Webinars at Your Fingertips

NEA ESP Quality Department in the Center of Great Public Schools and the Paraeducator Institute offer a series of webinars aimed at improving the professional practice of paraeducators and elevating paraeducator careers. This page provides access to previously aired webinar recordings, and enables participants to gain access to resources and websites referenced during the webinar.


To access previously recorded webinars on various ESP hot topics visit our ESP Archived Webinars page

Archived Webinars

Building Effective Teacher-Paraeducator Teams: A Three Part Webinar Series

Part 1: The Foundation for Effective Teams
Originally aired February 1, 2017

The first webinar in the series will look at the critical elements needed to build the foundation for effective teams. It will address roles and responsibilities of paraeducators, teachers, and administrators; components of effective teams (including characteristics of effective team leaders and members); as well as common problems with team dynamics and strategies to avoid them in the first place.

Part 2: Problem Solving and Other Strategies for Successful Teams
Originally aired February 8, 2017 

The second webinar in our series will take a deeper look into common problems with team dynamics by examining problem solving techniques, effective communication strategies, and critical issues such as delegation, performance feedback, collaboration and mutual support/respect.

Part 3: Advocacy and Real-World Scenarios

Originally aired February 15, 2017

The final webinar in the series will focus on advocacy as it relates to hiring practices, professional development, planning time, recruiting administrator support for the instructional team and more. This webinar will also take a deep dive into real-world scenarios that impact teacher-paraeducator teams.


ESSA and Paraeducators: Opportunities for Engagement, Empowerment & Claiming Your Seat at the Table
Originally aired November 30, 2016

After more than a decade, the controversial No Child Left Behind Act (NCLB) was reauthorized as the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA). How does the new law impact paraeducators? What are the opportunities for inclusion and decision making? This highly informative webinar will analyze the law and examine the implications for paraeducators, vital members of school wide and instructional teams. As a participant, you will 1) gain a deeper understanding of how the law impacts your career as a paraeducator; and 2) be able to identify opportunities for inclusion and decision making at the district and state levels.


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