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NEA Today for NEA-Retired Members - Winter 2017

Cover Story

Back to School...with a Twist

Kris Kragelund, Betty Olson-Jones, and two of their retired counterparts describe how it felt to return to school as students.

NEA-Retired Distinguished Service Award

A conversation with 2016 honoree Ulysses Floyd, and a look at past recipients of the organization’s highest honor.

Author Interview

A conversation with Peter Ho Davies about his new historical novel, The Fortunes.

How to Create an Encore Life

Baby boomers find their second calling through social change.

President’s Message

A wealth of important topics are on the agenda for this year’s organizing meeting in Dallas, March 21 to 23.


Teacher’s discovery of a one-room schoolhouse sparks a children’s book series.

My Contribution

Former drama teacher’s passion for theater continues to enrich the lives of others.

From NEA Today

Educator’s Never Give Up

A special message from NEA President Lily Eskelsen García.

This is Your Student’s Brain on Trauma

Traumatized students can be distracted, irritable, and have difficulty learning. Educators are devising ways to help.

Where Students Won in Election 2016

How educator activism and voters’ support of local schools combined to create some important election victories.

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