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2017 NEA Today for Future Educators

Cover Story

Stuff You Missed in Class

On your way to becoming a full-time teacher? No sweat, as long as you remember you’ve got a community of teachers surrounding you who all want to help, and that NEA will be at your side cheering you on every step of the way! So take a moment to read words of advice from your veteran counterparts. Together, they have decades of classroom experience that will serve you well.


Keeping the ‘Fear Factor’ out of Teacher-Student Texting

Boundaries and guidelines are crucial, but is teacher-student texting too valuable to ban or over-regulate?

The Blame Game

If you’ve got a derailed parent-teacher relationship, here are some tips to get things back on track. 


Author Todd Rose of the Harvard Graduate School of Education argues against using statistical averages to draw conclusions about a student. Read why in “The Myth of the Average Student.”

Community Service and Awards

NEA Student Program and NEA-Retired members roll up their sleeves for a day of service. Two student members snag top award during the NEA Representative Assembly in Washington, D.C.

Advice for Future Educators

Pronouncing students’ names incorrectly is a slight that can isolate students and affect learning. A new campaign is raising awareness of this often-neglected issue.


From the Chair

Ashley Rose Muscarella launches a call for all aspiring educators to stand up and advocate for students, the profession, and yourselves.

Lily’s Blackboard

NEA President Lily Eskelsen García encourages future educators to use every resource available to help navigate those first few years of the profession.

Extra Credit

Pension plans: it’s never too early to understand how they work.

Benefits of Membership


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