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The 2017 Alamanac

Overview ( PDF, 648 KB, 5 pgs.)
By Mark F Smith

The "You’re Fired" Era: Academic Freedom, Student Complaints, and Faculty Discipline ( , 1.4 MB,46 pgs. )
By Kristine Anderson Dougherty, Gary Rhoades, and Mark F. Smith

Faculty Workload and Productivity in an Era of Social Diversity ( , 1.34 MB, 61 pgs.)
By Henry Lee Allen

Retirement and Benefits: Where From Here? ( , 1.62 MB, 75 pgs.)
By Valerie Martin Conley

Trends in Faculty Salaries: 1995–96 to 2014–15 ( , 9.26 KB, 21 pgs.)
By Abby Miller and Amelia Marcetti Topper

ESPs: Employment and Living Wage Update ( , 837 KB, 96 pgs.)
By Vicki J. Rosser and Celeste M. Calkins

Whither Higher Education in the Trump Era? ( , 962 KB, 34 pgs.)
By William Zumeta

Appendix: NEA Higher Education Bargaining Units ( , 1.32 MB, 97 pgs.)

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Supporting Pre-Service Teachers-NEA TQ
Welcome to Supporting Pre-Service Teachers! This group is for educators who work with and support pre-service teachers. Pre-Service and Early Career teachers will also benefit from joining this group. Mentors and cooperating teachers are strongly encouraged to join! Notes of encouragement, sharing of resources, good articles, and venting is welcome too. This group is solutions driven - the goal is to find realistic solutions to support our pre-service and cooperating teachers and address any concerns and questions that come up.