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A Note from the Editor-in-Chief

A Storm is Brewing

The 2016 election hit us all like a lightening bolt, and now it seems that there are nothing but rain clouds ahead for public education. But preparations are underway, as educators across the nation brace themselves for more privatization and budget cuts and fewer benefits and protections on the job.  

Our cover story, “Stormy Weather” describes what the forecast might look like for the administration, Congress, the Supreme Court, and, most importantly, the states. A downpour of anti-public education legislation is likely to ensue, and public schools in rural communities could get swept up in the chaos as well. 

If there’s a silver lining, it’s the educators, parents, and students who are making their voices heard. A related story, “Forgotten Purpose: Civics Education in Public Schools,” focuses on how to prepare students to engage in our system of self-government. 

Also in this issue, read about how a new generation of school buildings is being designed to accommodate a new generation of students. In “Education By Design,” we look at two schools in Virginia and Utah that have decided that when it comes to learning spaces, the sky is the limit. 

Finally, this issue delves into how the reauthorization of the federal education law is helping more homeless students get the support they need. In “Rebuilding Hope in Homeless Students,” we share the story of one educator from Washington who is doing everything he can to help homeless students in his district. 

If grey skies are going to clear up, we all need to stand up and speak out. We hope you’re inspired by this issue to do just that.

Steve Grant
Editor-in-Chief, NEA Today Magazine

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